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Domain Transfer

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The Domain Transfer Auth Code needs to be obtained from the current Registrar of the domain name that you wish to transfer. You must have received the Security Key by email when you transfered the domain name to us.

  • Once you have placed the Transfer request, you need to change the IPS-tag for this domain name to our Registrar tag. This needs to be done through your Current Registrar. For further information on the process, refer the KnowledgeBase article - Transferring your .UK Domain Name.
  • The security key is no longer required
  • The Identity of the Registrant Contact must not be changed during the Transfer process. Identity refers to :
    Name of the Registrant Contact, if the Registrant Contact is an individual
    Company Name of the Registrant Contact, if the Registrant Contact is a non-individual
  • FREE! 1 Year Extension Included. We will add one year to the current expiry date of your domain name for no additional cost. For example, if your domain expires on 5th Nov 2006 and you place a Transfer request on 17th Sept 2006 then after the transfer is complete, the new expiry date of your domain name will be 5th Nov 2007 i.e. you will not lose anytime even if you choose to transfer months before your domains expiry date.
  • All Transfers are Risk-Free. If for any reason, your domain transfer fails or is cancelled, we will instantly credit your customer advance account with the complete amount that you paid for such transfer, no questions asked.
  • All Transfers are Seamless. Your domain name's name servers are not altered anytime during the transfer process, hence your domain will not face ANY downtime during this process.
  • Once the transfer order is placed, the administrative contact of each domain name for which you have placed a transfer request will receive an email, which asks for confirmation of such transfer. You would need to click on a link inside each of these emails for the transfer request to be sent to the registry. The losing registrar in almost all cases will send you emails asking for confirmation per domain name - you can typically choose to ignore these emails.


  • If your domain expired with your old Registrar, and you renewed it with them, then do not Transfer it within 45 days of the previous expiry date since it will not add 1 more year to your domain name, and you will lose out on the Renewal fees paid to the older Registrar.
  • ICANN & Registry regulations prohibit the transfer of domain names that have been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 Days. Please wait for 60 days from the date of registration or previous transfer before applying for a transfer of such domain names.
  • This is a non-chargeable action. There is no payment required for completing this request.
  • The domain activation is seamless. The domain name will be activated under your Control Panel with the same details (including Name servers and Contact details) as those available with the .UK Registry for the domain name.
  • This is a non-chargeable action. There is no payment required for completing this request.